January 1960: I am enrolled at the boarding school of Landheim Schondorf
at the Ammersee in Bavaria.
It's heaven on earth: A piano in each classroom!
I have the honor of meeting Carl Orff who lives in the neighboring village. With him and famed conductor Rafael Kubelik, my training in music begins
January 1967: I am abruptly removed from Schondorf and brought back to Cologne. Only Mr. Kubelik's forceful intervention secures my debut concert as a conductor on January 21, 1967
September 1969: Graduation
1971/72: "Law School" in Cologne - mostly in Jazzclubs and
folk pubs . I write my first songs
In 1973, I present my first album at the Cologne "Townhill".
My career as a singer-songwriter begins
1974, "Die Kneipe" ("The Pub") becomes a mega hit.
I perform on stages all over Germany
On March 3, 1975, my daughter Leonie is born
bio0010123.jpg bio0010121.gif
In 1977, I purchase an old farm house in the Western Woods
bio0010120.jpg bio0010118.gif
In 1978, I start Remy Music, producing my own records and importing Jazz and Folk rarities
bio0010117.gif bio0010115.gif
Public TV network Saarländischer Rundfunk produces an extensive TV portrait of me in 1979 which then is broadcast nationwide.
bio0010114.gif bio0010112.gif
In 1981, I end my stage career.
After a year-long farewell tour, I retire and move to Italy
bio0010111.jpg bio0010109.gif
Between 1981 and 1984, I represent Western Germany at music festivals around the globe. FIDOF awards me its gold medal, and the leading German TV magazine "HÖR ZU" characterizes me as "incredibly credible"
bio0010108.gif bio0010106.gif
In 1985, I am hosting a show at a local radio station in Portoferraio
on the island of Elba in Italy and teaching linguistics at Siena university
bio0010105.jpg bio0010103.gif
In 1986, I start my own local radio station, RadioMar, in Finestrat
near Alicante in Spain.
Our transmitter was on the peak of the impressive Buixcampana
bio0010102.jpg bio0010100.gif
In 1987, at the occasion of a music festival in Curação, I meet Nydia Ecury.
We translate each other's works and she encourages me to write
bio001099.gif bio001097.gif
Back in Germany in 1989, I start Remy Media, an advertising agency.
Once in a while I cannot resist the opportunity to get back on stage
bio001096.gif bio001094.gif
On October 21, 1994, I immigrate to the U.S.
and take residence in Fort Lauderdale
bio001093.jpg bio001091.gif
After some severe start-up problems, I find a job at GTN, a telecommunications firm. I am successful and soon advance to
Senior Vice President
bio001090.jpg bio001088.gif
 Welcome to our website.
During hurricane Frances in 2004, lightning strikes MacroTel's network and
disrupts operations for 6 weeks. My insurance covers only a part of our
customers' claims. I loose all I have but manage to avoid bankruptcy.
bio001087.jpg bio001085.gif
In December of 2005, after almost a year of being homeless, I move to live on
a houseboat in Titusville. The boat is owned by my dog Skipper but he allows
me to live on it. Until he has figured out how to open the fridge
bio001084.gif bio001082.gif
I am composing again, going back to my roots in symphonic music
1949 - 1956: I am living (still) with my parents in Wattenscheid, across the street from coal mine Holland
bio001078.jpg bio001076.gif
1956-1959: I am living (still) with my parents, now in Weiden near Cologne;
I attend first Albert Schweitzer elementary school and then Kreuzgasse high school
bio001075.jpg bio001073.gif
1960-1966: Boarding school Landheim Schondorf at the Ammersee (Bavaria)
bio001072.jpg bio001070.gif
1967-1969: I attend (sometimes) Apostel high school in Cologne
1970/71: Civil service in Freudenstadt/Black Forest
Back in Cologne, I start attending law school. However, as there is much more fun in performing at the bars of the old town, my law school experience doesn't last very long
After a brief intermezzo in the Siebengebirge ("Seven Mountains" near Bonn), I move to the Western Woods where I purchase an old farm house
bio001060.jpg bio001058.gif
From 1983 to 1989, I am commuting between Hachenburg (Germany),
Portoferraio and Siena (Italy)
and Alicante (Spain)
bio001057.gif bio001055.gif
I take residence in Arnsberg / Sauerland,
reviewing my manuscripts, writing, and publishing
bio001054.jpg bio001052.gif
In 1994, I immigrate to the U.S. living in the Miami/ Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale metro area until 2005
Since Mai 26, 2011, Sassy lives with us.
She's the older sister Skipper never wanted to have
bio001048.gif bio001046.gif bio001044.jpg
fan club
bio001036.jpg bio001034.jpg
February 24, 1949: I'm here!
April 19, 1955: My first day at school.
My teacher was Mrs. Baur;
I asked her to marry me but my
parents didn't think that was a good idea.
bio001033.gif bio001030.gif
January 1956: My family moves to Weiden near Cologne
and wisely takes me along
bio001032.gif bio001030.gif
I start my own software company, MacroTel.
We produce custom billing systems for almost all major telephone
companies and quickly become market leaders in our segment
bio001029.gif bio001027.gif
A sad farewell to a wonderful companion.
In September, I receive a heart pacemaker at last minute.
bio001026.jpg bio001024.gif
I find a nice little apartment in the city of Aachen
(Aix-La-Chapelle) and start making a new home
for Skipper and myself.
In January of 2006, I move to Titusville in central Florida,
living on a houseboat which I purchase in 2007.
I live there together with my dogs Skipper und Sassy until mid-2015.
bio001012.jpg bio001010.gif bio001009.jpg
In 2015, I move back to Germany
Friends and fans chip in to make it happen.
The intended relationship, however, does not last.
My best friend crosses Rainbow Bridge
On August 15, 2017, Honey becomes my new companion